Connecting USB controller without using shields

Hello everyone, I have this old USB controller for pc and I would like to wire it to my arduino uno without using the USB shield. The cable of the controller contains of 5 wires - red (5v), black (gnd), white, green and one without the rubber case. If it is possible than I would like to know how to get the values (from two analog sticks - 4 potentiometers and 16 other buttons) trough code.

I would like to wire it to my arduino uno without using the USB shield.

You can’t. End It. You need a USB host and that’s that.


It's easy. The USB Host Shield is based on the MAX3421E chip. You can make a MAX3421E breakout board and connect it to the Arduino without using a shield. Just follow the schematic of the USB Host Shield and it should even be compatible with the USB Host Shield library.

Since the controller already has the USB plug cut off it's not ever going to be used for its original purpose. I would crack it open and wire the Arduino directly to the pots and buttons. If you want to use ALL the original buttons then it's going to take more than 20 wires and and Arduino that has more than 20 inputs. But that would still be easier for me than trying to decode the USB data.

Yeah, that is the problem with this controller, it does not have the USB plug... I think I will go with the shield (and use my controller that has the USB plug) since my project requires buying extra parts anyway, I thought wiring it myself would just be more interesting :slight_smile: . Thanks for the answers.

You don't need a USB connector to use USB. You can solder the wires directly to the inputs of the MAX3421E breakout board.