Connecting via bluetooth with a remote passcode HELP

Hi guys !

-First post here so my apologies if not compliant-

I have worked on many arduino projects but this time I am facing some hudle that is too strong for me.

I want to use a bluetooth module as a MASTER. Purpose : Connecting to a camera and sending instructions to take photos.

Problem : When trying to connect, the camera prompts a security key which you can type on a smartphone. Problem : I didn't find ANY way of doing this with an arduino.

The closest I was is using AT commands to set the same passkey as the other device. Problem : it has to be done before the connexion attempt, and in my case, the passkey could not be guessed...

Therefore I'm as stuck as frustrated !

I have various BT chips on hand : HC-05 HC-08 MLT BT05... so various solutions available. Will buy other ones if needed.

Any help will be welcome !

Have a nice day