Connecting Via USB

Macbook - Catalina OS

Total newbie with Grandson (10 yr)

S26 starter Kit

Super UNO R3 controller board LED's are lit one green steady one orange flashing.

Following error message "could not find any board"

Please help, actually quite surprised to have gotten this far.

Does the COM port show up in Tools/Port in the IDE ? What have you got the board type set to in Tools/Board in the IDE ?

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. The clue from me was in the "Newbie" bit perhaps that should be changed to 'not a clue what I'm doing' but I do want to learn.

When you will open the Arduino IDE 1.8.11, on the top bar, you will see the "Tools" option. Click on it and select the board under "Ports" option. Then, try to upload your program again.