Connecting Webserver and WebClient

I am a fairly new at Arduino and very new at networks. I have the Arduino Webserver and WebClient examples working fine.

But, now I am trying to connect the two - one running on Uno board and the other on a Due. The are each connected via Ethernet cable to a switch. The client reports that it has connected to the server, but then nothing happens on the client end. Also, the server does not report that a new client has been found and connected. The server sketch does report a new client connection when I connect to it from my browser which is expected behavior.

I am guessing the problem is involved in my lack of understanding about the server/client initiation.

I am using on the client side:

// if you get a connection, report back via serial: if (client.connect(server, 80)) { Serial.println("connected"); delay(1000); //Make a HTTP request: client.println("GET / HTTP/1.1"); client.println("Host:"); client.println("Connection: close"); client.println();

On the client end - basically what was in the example, just replacing the URL with my local server IP.

So, a basic question first - I am missing something very fundamental here? Am I trying to do something the Arduino examples are incapable of?

Many thanks for any help! My learning curve is very steep at the moment.


Maybe networking? Both have unique IPs and MAC addresses?

Thanks for the reply! May be the problem.

Well, I did use unique IP addresses. Was not aware needed to change the MACs. Will do some reading and checking when I get home! Thanks again.


Thanks once again! You were spot on - it was my error of having the same MAC for both boards. Working well when I changed. Finally making progress up the learning curve again. Tom