connecting WEE /uploading & serial communication

dear sirs, i can't get the wee workin. uploading just doesn't work. i don't know how to connect it, though i've tried several times and variations. i have: sparkfun wee sparkfun FTDI basic breakout board seeedstudio Uart_SB v2.1

WEE has: TYQ(?) RST GND TX0 RXT 3.3V RAW (not sure, if i got it all right, it's hard to read)

FTDI basic breakout has: GND, CTS, 3.3V, TX0, RXI, DTR

Uart has: VCC, TX, RX, GND, DTR

what is CTS and TYQ??

also i wonder if the WEE and arduino mini pros can do serial communication via the adapters? because uploading sketches to the pro including serial communication fails (in OSX). i think uploading in windows worked, but didn't get me any serious serial stuff.

help or hints would be very appreciated. thanks!

Can you please tell us what error message you got when trying to upload?