Connecting Wiichuck to Arduino UNO

Hi every one!

I'm a Mech. engineer struggling with an Arduino project for my UAV team. What we want is to have a camera on our plane that would be controlled with Wiichuck. The problem is that none of us has any experience with microcontrollers. So far I have started to brows through the various WiiChuck projects all over internet. However, today I encountered something new .

I'm trying to upload a compiled sketch to my board, but it gives me error.

I did try:

  • Reset button and uploading within 2 sec
  • Updated drivers
  • Made sure I use the proper port (COM5)
  • Made sure the board is still set right (I did use this board for the Blink sketch to test if it works well)

I have:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Powered through USB
  • Servo on pin 7, powered from 5V, grounded.
  • Nunchuck, BLUE on A5, GREEN on A4, BLACK on GND, RED on 3.3V

I would really appreciate your help and advise. :blush:

What error? Did you try disconnecting everything? If that fails, try the serial loop back test (To test the 8U2):

*Wire jumper between pins 0&1
*Select the correct com port
*Open the arduino serial monitor
*Hold down the reset button while you type something and press send in the serial console
It should echo it back in the receive window. If not, you may be in deep doo-doo

Restarted, replugged everything and it went through. Thank you. Working on these projects when tired can be so frustrating ))))