Connecting WiiMote to Arduino UNO


For a project, I wanted to use the Wii Remote on a Arduino UNO board. For that I'm using bluetooth. I have a bluetooth module connected to the Arduino, but it only knows four commands: test connection, change baud rate, change BT name, change BT password.
I have no idea how I need to pair this.
The bluetooth modem is the BC417.


Is it normal that I can only change the baud rate with a bluetooth modem? I'm going to contact the seller for a solution.

I have similar BT module, and I've managed to connect it to notebook and android phone (2.3).
however i didn't set any settings, BT module came to me with 115200,8,1,N set.

I'll change my plan a bit. Instead of using a bluetooth modem, I'll use a bluetooth dongle. I want to pick up signals from the accelerometer of the Wiimote via bluetooth.
Can I use a bluetooth donle to pick up signals directly from the Wiimote? Or do I need a USB hosts shield?
My second question is: can I use the accelerometer on the Wiimote to light up a led on the Arduino UNO? For example, if I move the Wiimote up and down, a led starts to light up?
My deadline is in a week.