Connecting wirelessly from musical instrument shield to speakers

Hi, I am using sparkfun musical instrument shield with arduino for my project. I've been using a small 5 ohm speaker till now but I'd like to use something bigger. I'd like to know if there's a way to connect wirelessly from my shield to an externally powered amplifier. I was thinking of a solution similiar to wireless headphones but I don't know exactly what to look into . Appreciate any input. Thanks.

Bluetooth transmitter & receiver: Arduino connects to Bluetooth Tx, Rx connects to powered speakers.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I'll look into it

Okay so I bought a similar device. I am wondering is there a way to bypass the part where we have to synchronize the rx and tx devices or maybe automate the process

Don't think so, the two must always Pair Up somehow.

Example: everytime I start up my car, the onboard electronics always searches for my phone that was previously Paired Up. If my phone bluetooth is turned off (as it drains my battery trying to pair up with non-existent devices all day at work), then I get a message saying synchronization failed. If the phone bluetooth is on, it synchs up and I can make hands free calls or listen to music stored on my phone.

Could you point me to some code or tutorial on how to go about it? Thanks

I would think it depends heavily on the devices you use. Is there a link to what you purchased?

Something like this . I have to press the button on my device and reciever at the same time to pair them up. I want to make this process automatic