connecting wires

Does anybody know how to wire two servo power cables into just 1 5v arduino pin? Thanks

I use scraps of prototyping board to make splitters, or cut jumpers up to make a Y. I don't understand why the Arduino boards don't come with more power and ground headers - you always need more than just 1. When I make breakout boards for microcontrollers, I put a row of power and ground pins.

There's also a Vcc pin on the ISP header that can be used...

However - it's generally not a good idea to use the same power supply for the Arduino, and for inductive loads (including motors). While some very small motors will work, but for larger motors, it may cause resets or freezes in the arduino code due to the noise they put on the power supply, and these failures can be unpredictable (hence painful to debug). It's generally recommended to use a separate power supply for motors (in this case, you connect the grounds of the two supplies).