Connecting with Netgear Arlo system

So. I managed to build my first project that handles the outdoor lights ruled by different buttons.

I realize i have an Netgear Arlo camera in this area as well, so the next cool thing would be to add a photo resistor and trigger the lights is arlo spots a person or car, and if it's dark. (Arlo reconize what kind of movement is happening).

Arlo is how ever a quite closed system. It supports IFTTT, maybe i can do someting here?

One way would be to use IFTTT (i'm very inexperienced with this, btw) and dump every event to a log/web service and then add wifi to arduino doing the following: -if dark enough --start a loop fpr every 3 seconds which ---fetch data from web service log using rest-api call ---if latest post (or probably just call for latest post) is not the last saved in arduino ----turn on lights for X minutes (Yes, without a clock the arduino will always turn on lights after reboot since no cam log is in memory, maybe i could ask arduino to send last triggered event to my webservice and comoate to this).

SO, please brainstorm with me here. :) Maybe you guys have any smart ideas of how to hook into the Arlo?

EDIT: I've found how to make API calls to my Arlo getting json data as result. Actually pretty nice, and i get nice metadata sucha as "person", "animal" etc among with timestamp - just as i want. I just need to ask this api every 5 seconds or so, and have a 5 sec lag from that the camera registers something.

Question 1: Is there a way of using WIFI component and making http requests and parse the data with arduino? Any inspirations here?

Question 2 - Probably if Q1 is "no" I have an old Raspberry PI i could use for this API logic, and then send a signal to the Arduino when it has something to Arduino about. Does anyone have a good example of this? Especially for the wiring part. :)