Connecting with Test Points on DFRobot's Romeo BLE

DFRobot's Romeo BLE has an unusual way to connect to two SPI interfaces. Instead of pins, there are 12 test points arranged in a two groups of 6. Please check this Romeo BLE's Wiki page, under "ICSP Interface".

Am I supposed to solder 6 wires to this back-of-the-board interface? It seems as a very clumsy solution to me?

Is there maybe some other way to connect there?

You don't say what you're trying to do, so here's my guess:

If you want to connect something via SPI then digital pins 10-13 are SS, MOSI, MISO and SCK, assuming this is a UNO type of board.

Thanks Martin. But what are than these six testing points doing on the back of the PCB? Maybe I should solder wires to them directly?

I just want to use SPI.

They'll be used to program the firmware on each chip during production, I would imagine the boards are pressed onto spring loaded pins. I can't see any reason not to use the pads, but why bother when the Atmega328 SPI pins are available top side?

Edit: Looking at the schematic from the page you linked, the SPI pins are available top side as well as the pads below.