Connecting Yun through ethernet to another device.

Hello! I'm having trouble to getting my code work with yun.

I have a simple need for the yun to send a basic html code when certain input is triggered.

Basicly my problem is that I can't get my code to go to the site. I have managed to get the yun to do these tasks manually through the GUI and terminal, but now i need it to do these few simple thigs when getting certain inputs and I am just totally lost here. I have looked through the examples, but the problem is provably with something simple because I can't get it to send a even a simple command through the ethernet.

Please could somebody help me with this one?

To spesify this: I'm using this to trigger some IP cameras to record with certain events. Basicly I want to sent a certain http command to trigger them. problem is just how. I can't seem to communicate with the linux side of the Yun and problem is most likely there.

I have succesfully ran the prompt via yuns terminal, but having no succes at the arduino side.

If you can post the code you tried in the terminal vs. your arduino sketch, someone might be able to provide some insight.