Connection Arduino Robot to Wifi Shield


I want to connect the Arduino Wifi Shield to the new Arduino Robot. However, as the Wifi Shield cannot simply be stacked ontop of the board as with other Arduino boards, I am unsure of which connections are required.

I assume that the ICSP ports should be connected. What about the other pins, like the SS ones or the one for the handshake?

Thank you for any suggestions.


The wifi shield info page has it all:

Yes the ICSP header, then pin 7 and pin 10


thank you for your answer. To which pins on the Robot Control Board Processor do I have to connect those two pins?


Same corresponding pins. Pin 7 on wifi shield to pin 7 on arduino and robot control shield etc. If your pins 7 and 10 are used on the robot control shield, you have to do something to resolve the conflict.

Post a link to your robot controller.

Ok thank you.

Don't quite understand what you mean by Robot Controller..

Then post a link to your hardware, whatever it is.

This is it:

My apologies. I didn't know arduino has come up with a complete robot already. It seems that the D7 pin is used to reset the LCD on the robot board so you may not be able to use this pin for the Wifi shield.

Do you have any other suggestions of how to access wifi signals? I need this option for the purpose of my project.

You may be able to modify the wifi library to use a different pin. I'll have to look into it when I have time. Are you building a robot to control over the internet?

Ok thank you!

No, the aim is to program the roboter such that it can be navigated through a shopping mall by means of the present wifi signals.

Hey liudr,

did you manage to find a solution to the pin 7 problem?

Sorry to annoy, but I am totally stuck and really need to get this thing working.

Thank you

As I see it, it is not only pin 7, but also pins 4 and 10 that are already occupied, but are required for the Wifi Shield to work.

I am new to Arduino, but my current guess is that it is required to reconfigure three pins of the TKD type to fulfill the requirements which are normally presented by pins 4, 7 and 10. As I see it the TKD pins are unused and thus could be implemented in this way.

However, even if this would be the right method of doing it, I do not know how to do it...

You will need jumper wires to go from the TKD pins to the corresponding shield pins on the shield. I think it is doable. You program the main robot board to run a wifi sample code. First see if it detects the shield and then try to connect to your home router.

It's very very easy! Don't use the WiFi shield, but instead use the Wireless/SD shield plus a WiFly module job done.


Thank you very much for your replies. I will consider the option of using different components, but really want to get this working with the Wifi Shield.

So, liudr, just to clarify, I connect the 3 outstanding pins from the wifi shield to 3 TKD pins respectively and run the software as you mentioned?

Kind regards
Stefan I see...probably only the pins for 'SS for Wifi' and 'SS for SD card' can be connected to TKD pins, while the 'Handshake' one can't?

  1. When I connect the two SS pins, do I have to define the TKD pins as inputs in the code? Or is it simply a matter of connecting and no software involved?

  2. Where am I going to get a pin for the 'Handshake'?