Connection between Arduino and Database PHPMyAdmin

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Right now we still ongoing our Final Year Project in our studies. Our Final Year Project is about Key Guard System where we are using Arduino Uno and RFID Module and some other small stuff that we are using such as buzzer, resistor and else. We connect the RFID Module with the Arduino Uno. The key will combined with RFID Key Tag and the staff will scan the key for retrieval the key. All the data of the RFID Card and RFID Key Tag will store at PHPMyAdmin that using MySQL. We have a problem where all the data and table are already set in database that will record and generate by the admin but for now, to test the database, we set it as localhost first. The problem is we don't know how to connect the database with the Arduino without any shield on the Arduino. We need a specific coding or tutorials to connect both of it. We are still new in using this Electronic stuff. We did a research but we didn't get enough resources. Most of them used Ethernet shield so, we need a proper help. Thank you in advanced

Do help us with big heart.

If you don't have a network connection, your only option (to my knowledge) is an application on the PC that can read the serial port and pass the received information to the database.

Hi there. Just wanna more details about this, what do you mean by application in the PC that can read serial port ?. Else, did the Arduino itself and RFID Module need to be in one PC ?.

You write an application for the PC that reads data from the serial port. If data is available, you can use it in a query that you can send to the database (directly) or you can use a POST or GET to the webserver from within that application (like a browser would do) and the PHP side will handle the database access.

If you have a network connection on your Arduino, you can use a POST or GET to the webserver directly from the Arduino (again, like a browser would do). You can also directly access the database on the PC, but opening the access to a database server can pose serious security risks. At minimum, do NOT use the root user for access, but create a dedicated user that can only access the specific database and is very limited in its rights as to what it can do.

Else, did the Arduino itself and RFID Module need to be in one PC ?.

Not quite sure if I understand this question.