Connection between Arduino and the HoloLens

I´ve bought a Microsoft HoloLens a few weeks ago and started programming apps and stuff. For the next Project I want to connect it with my arduino, so the arduino can send data to the HoloLens (temperature for example).

I´ve googled so far and it seems like there are a few ways to connect it to the HoloLens but I´m not sure which one would be the most efficient and maybe easiest way to do so.

The first one was to get an esp8266 and connect the arduino to a backend and also the HoloLens. I think it would be an overkill if I connect the arduino and the HoloLens to the internet and then send the data the a server so the HoloLens can get it because the Hololens and the arduino are max. 2 Meters apart.

The second one was to get a Bluetooth Shield and connect it through it. I never worked with a Bluetooth shield so I´m not sure if it could work and if the Bandwith is enough ?

The last one was to connect them via socket. But I haven't found more information to it, e.g. what Shield I need for the arduino and how I can set it up.

If you guys could tell me what way would be the best to go or maybe you guys know another way to do it I would be very happy!

Thank you very much for the support!