Connection between Arduino uno and Visual Studio

Hallo, this is Moritz from Germany and I have got some weird problem
with connecting my arduino boards to Visual Studio.
I've been working on a simple project for a while now. This means, that I allready updated the scatches of two arduino boards several times and no problem with the IDE occured.
Since two days now, Visual Studio won't connect with the ardiunos any longer. I've allready been
testing, if somethings wrong with the hardware, but using the arduino IDE is still working and
windows recognizes the usb connection as well. Also it has nothing to do with the Code, nor seems the program-folder to be the problem. (I created another project-folder and still got the same problem.)
The question now is, what could I possible have changed inside Visual Studio, that causes it
to no longer connect to the arduino boards? One more detail: In the very same project-folder, I can now no longer even use the flash-button to upload a scatch, or select any id, or com channel. All this opportunities are still visible, but can not be chosen and are dimmed/grayed out. Thank you for your help!

Okay, problem is solved! It had to do with my
Visual Micro License... Thank you

This is interesting. Could you direct me as to how to program for arduino from visual studio and then upload the build. Thank you in advance!

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