Connection between Openmv IDE and Arduino IDE

i am planning to do a bit reasearch on Arduino Protenta. I wanna use the Camera of Arduino Portenta to determine the brightness and color of an object. I have done a bit research about this and yes, with openmv IDE i can determine both of the value.
My question ist, can i actually call this value to the Arduino IDE without using any other board? and how if it is possible?

Thank you for your guidance.


Please post the full code that does this

You haven't done your homework though. The OpenMV IDE is an IDE for the OpenMV camera boards. You should have bought a camera from them if you want to use their IDE features.
That's about the same as if you would say: "I want to use Tesla's AutoPilot but please let it run on my Smart ForTwo".

i thought that the camera on arduino portenta could be programm through openmv IDE.

i am still waiting on the board. I just saw through examples on website and youtube, that it is possible to determine the value

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