Connection between two arduinos high speed

I am looking for Solution how to connect two arduino.
I want use a arduino UNO for read analog value and arduino due geven analog output. The value should be changes all 100 mlcroseconds.
Both arduino will be connected via ethernet (Ethernet shield) in local network. Distance around 50m

I can't reconcile your question "how to connect two arduino" with the statement "Both arduino will be connected via ethernet (Ethernet shield) in local network"

It seems to me you have them connected.

Sending separate chunks of data 10,000 times per second is a different matter, and may not be simple. For one thing I suspect there is no guarantee that an Ethernet network will always respond that quickly.

How many bytes do you want to send on each occasion?
Why do you want to send so frequently? - maybe there is a better option


Hi Robin,
thanks for yours quickly answer. I need a quickly communiction for control a high voltage transformer. This is erth free. Currently i use analog solution with V/F-> F/V solution via optical fiber. Now i need more signals, therefore i'm find a solution with microcontreller as best. I'm open for other solution. maybe there is solution via TWI here i haven't experience

Here's an idea.
Use your Due and replace the Uno with another Due or Zero. You can now get them to communicate via hardware serial ports at 2Mbps but connected by fibers instead of wires.

If you need more controllers on the line then you would have to switch to a fiber version of RS485.

If you want to use I2C in fiber, you can get it to run easily at 800Kbps but that is only enough time for 80 bits to move in 100us. At a refresh rate of 10Khz, you will be pushing the capability of the analogRead() function. You can switch to the older PlainADC library or the newer PlainDSP library. The former will digitize up to 130Khz and the later at 80KHz. The library includes examples of single shot digitize on command.

Thanks for this idea, i will try it next week.