Connection checking

Hi, can anyone help to check my connection? I have attached the image of circuit below.

Description of wires

Black wire-ground
Red wire-VCC/5V
Yellow wire-rx of bt to tx of nano
Blue wire-tx of bt to rx of nano
*Green wire- D2 of nano to 1k resistor
*Orange wire-A0 of nano to 1k resistor

For my project, Ir sensor will attenuate light singal, then light are converted to voltage by the photodiode. In which, the analog signal received from the photodiode is converted into digital signal by the Arduino Nano using the analog port.

So, i will be using the concept analog input digital output. So, i use orange wire as analog input to port A0 and use green wire as digital output to port D2. * means i am not quite sure about these connection wiring. Thank You.

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That sort of diagram is very easy to misunderstand, and the pin labels can't be read.

Much better to make a simple pencil drawing and post a photo of that.