Connection ESP to mobile with Router bieng the AP

I am using ESP8266 i have configured my ESP i am sending the following AT commands from serial port of atmega8

AT+CWMODE=3 // station + AP mode
AT+CIPSTART=“TCP”,“192.168.1.x” //where 192.168.1.x is the ip currently assigned to my mobile phone

the last command gives error.
I meant literally it gives “ERROR” All the other AT commands end up with “ok” but this last command only returns “ERROR” followed by “CLOSED”

Also i have checked from my laptop command line the ping command to both the ip (mobile and ESP module) returns positive results.
Both ESP and my mobile are on same network with same subnet ip
I have installed Wifi terminal on my mobile but when i input id of ESP it says conenction refused.
I was able to develop communication whhen i had used ESP as AP and a wifi extender to extend the range but now I am unable
to develop any communication between the two devices(ESP and my mobile) with router bieng the AP