Connection ESP8366 to Arduino uno keeps sending

Hi Guys,

I was try to communicate with the ESP83266 using an arduino uno and its serial port.

I connected them as follow:

UNO — ESP8266
RX ----- RX
TX ----- TX
3.3V — VCC
3.3V — CH_PD

As soon as I send an at command “AT” the ESP8266 module starts to sending back “ATATATATAT…” without stopping. if I send “AT” again it will keep sending back lots of ATAATAT faster or lots of “Syntax error”

What am I doing wrong?

RX ----- RX TX ----- TX

I would expect to have to connect the Arduino's mouth to the ESP's ear, and vice-versa. Are you certain that connecting the Arduino's mouth to the ESP's mouth is correct?

If I do that I don't get anything at all I mean TX -- RX , etc

You are running the Arduino at 3.3V as you do not care for different levels, aren't you?

yes that's true. I know the ESP work with 3.3V on the TX/RX but I have seen people using it anyway and it works

I remember that you should keep the Arduino on reset while using the USB serial connection to talk directly to the ESP. If you use the Arduino board as an USB-to-serial converter, the TX-TX and RX-RX connections make sense (ESP has the same role as the Arduino).

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