Connection Failed trying Pachube example sketch

I tried the pachube example sketch ( When I run the sketch, I get a connection failed error in the serial monitor window. The error occurs then it tries to execute localClient.connect() function. I'm using Ethernet.h library.

I have an Arduino Duemilanove I purchased in August. The Ethernet shield is a Wiznet WIZ811MJ Rev 1.0. In the sketch I changed the mac address and the IP. I am able to successfully ping the Ethernet shield from another computer. I'm new to using an arduino and I don't know where to start for debugging this.

I took my arduino to another building that just has a linksys NAT router and the connection to Pachube now works. At home I have an Astaro firewall and I guess this was causing the problem. I'm surprised because at first when the arduino didn't work, I created a packer filterrule in astaro where I allowed all traffic to and from the Arduino's IP to go through. I also read that pachube is supposed to be firewall friendly.