connection motor and TFT screen

Hello everybody,

We want to accomplish that the Arduino reacts to presses on a TFT screen when a particular picture is displayed on the screen. The screen is installed on top of the Arduino.

We think that this picture will help in understanding the set-up.

When the Arduino detects a press, it should activate the motor (yellow, left in the picture).
Can this be achieved with one Arduino?

The thing is that no plug-in location is free in the Arduino after we plug in the TFT screen.
Therefore, we are using a second Arduino for controlling the motor.
However, we are wondering if it is possible to carry out our project with only one Arduino.

If this is not the case, how is it possible that two Arduinos communicate with each other?

With best regards
Alex and Sofie

I think you can do it but be careful not to use any blocking code or delay() statements.