connection of a module GPS to an arduino shield GSM 2 above an arduino mega 2560

Hello guys

I am a french student, and for my final project to conclude my schooling i need to recover some information like a fix GPS position ( latitude and longitude), temperature and send all this informations by a GSM message to a mobile phone.
So its because i choose an arduino mega 2560, a shield GSM ARDUINO 2 and a module GPS (Ublox NEO-6M Module GPS GY-GPS6MV2 NEO6MV2).

But i don’t even know how to connect the GPS module to the arduino mega and the shield GSM.

So can you help me to resovle this problem please ?

( Sorry for my bad english… )

What have you tried? The site of the seller should contain some information to get you started, probably with connection diagrams, libraries and example code.
If you google the part number together with "Arduino", you'll get many results as well.


Some tips for connecting the GPS to Serial1, Serial2 or Serial3 are here. NeoGPS is smaller, faster, more reliable and more accurate than all other GPS libraries. It is available from the Arduino Library Manager, under the menu Sketch-> Include Library-> Manage Libraries.

There are several GSM libraries, but it’s probably better if you send the AT commands yourself. It is not always easy to coordinate GSM with GPS. Sometimes, the GSM libraries have to be modified to use the serial port that you have selected. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are several examples you could use. Enter “NeoGPS GSM” in the search field in the upper right corner of this page.