Connection of jumper wire

Currently I'm running a project that related to RFID reader(RC522). Im using available jumper wire at the market which have only up to 30cm eg: female-male with the header. unfortunately, the position of the reader to the microcontroller is quite far estimated up to 3m. I had solder the cable that have no pin header at the both end with the one with header. But it is unable to achieve min voltage needed for the RFID. Do you have any experiences like this?


What gauge of wire are you using ?

Why can't the microcontroller be near the RFID reader?

This from Google:
" * Module Interface: SPIļ¼Œ Data transfer rate: Maximum 10Mbit/s.

  • Power Voltage : 3.3V,Operating frequency: 13.56MHz."

Can you run SPI connection that distance?

28 AWG.

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