Connection of sensor TMP102 with ESP8266

Hello guys, I have been trying to create my own project, using a TMP102 temperature sensor with ESP8266, however I have faced too many problems. Therefore, I would like to ask you a few questions regarding these problems. Firstly, could you please provide some information about connections between these modules? In addition, I would greatly appreciate any help regarding the code I should use for such a project. Finally, as I am planning to visualise the the inhale and exhale breaths of a patient with TMP102 temperature sensor , do you know how i can visualise live datas on Internet?

Hello, Bio_Eng!

Have you ever thought on testing then separately? Maybe you would want to firstly make all connections for the temperature sensor readings en checking them through the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor. Once you're getting good values I would suggest you to disconnect all temperature sensor connections and make a try with the ESP8266, maybe using Node-MCU or even C and create a web server into the ESP. Once it's working fine then you may want to connect them together not using the Arduino TX/RX once they are used by the Serial Monitor and may conflict with the real TX/RX (maybe pins 1/2) connected to the ESP.
It's just a thought.
If you succeed, please let me know as I have a great interest in getting knowledge of this patient monitoring.
Thanks and regards,


Thank you very much for your advices, i appreciate it Ed!!