Connection problem of arduino with sensors,Thankss

Hi guys,

I am currently doing a project involving XBee, arduino pro mini, and different sensors (GPS, pressure, accelerometer and SD card). I really need help from you guys. I got few questions to ask:

  1. I will connect my pressure sensor to the pro mini via I2C interface. For the pressure and SD card breakout board, i will connect them with the pro mini via the SPI interface, so the pro mini will be the master and the sensor will be the slaves. however, i dont really sure how to connect the accelerometer and SD card breakout board to the pro mini, and i don;t know wt is the code for them to work tgt?

  2. For the project, the pro mini will collect the datas from sensors and transmit them to the XBee, then the XBee will transmit the data to other XBee which connected to the CPU. Can anyone tell me wht should i look into for the pro mini to send data to the XBee, what code i need for this function?

Thanks a lot. I really need you guys help.

Do not cross post.

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Cross posting pisses people off here and makes them less likely to help you.

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okay, sorry guys Where should i post it on? Thanks

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You need to supply a link to your I2C sensor. Is it a 3V3 sensor or 5V. The same goes for your SD card, can it work from the 5V of the Pro mini?
The software to make them work together is simply the software that makes them work individually one after the other.

As to the second question I don’t understand what you mean.