Connection Problem: Using HC-05 for bluetooth

I've bought HC-05 for my arduino and project for controlling LED.

However the thing I bought and got is only this type of thing.

You can check here.

I tried soldering but it seemed to be dangerous, maybe have an terrible outcome.(Burnt, connect pin twice.)

Then I knew that it needs an another module for arduino.

You can check here.

Are there no ways for connecting without the module? Maybe I need to pay more for the delivery...

Thank you.

You can buy the modules already assembled. So you can get started immediately by buying one of those already soldered together. In the meanwhile, I recommend you look on eBay for a "soldering practice kit" and review some getting started with soldering videos on youtube or websites. SparkFun and Adafruit have soldering tutorials. Google "sparkfun soldering tutorial" and check it out. Then you will become comfortable with soldering your HC-05 on the backboard and won't find it dangerous any more.

You can solder 4 wires to it and use it just make sure you use a 3 volt regulator to power it and 3 volt translator on the rx and tx lines. It will work using the power and the tx and rx out of the box the key pin is to change the default settings.