Connection project NodeMCU and OV5640 Camera Board (B)

Hello, I need to do a project in which the camera OV5640 Camera Board (B) is connected to the NodeMCU board in order to take pictures with the camera and then see them in a web page with the wifi function of the ESP8266MOD. Before writing this publication I tried to gather information, but I did not find anything similar in terms of connections and, most importantly, the sketch. My knowledge of Arduino is quite limited. I hope that one of you will help me carry this out. If anyone knew how to make the sketch and the connections, I would appreciate it if you would pass it on to me. Next, I show you a picture of the two modules I have.

the camera OV5640 Camera Board ... the ESP8266MOD ... My knowledge of Arduino is quite limited.

Is your knowledge of the OV5640 and ESP8266MOD that you are using any better than the knowledge of the Arduino that you aren't using?

Take a look at some of the examples like this one from the Arducam GitHub repository.

Limit to if you can try to help me, I need to do this for a project and if you can help me I would appreciate it.

If by "help" you mean "make it for me", then no, I can't help.
I would have thought that the link I posted would have brought you forward somewhat on the sketch side of things? Your project is quite substantial if you are a beginner wanting to do it all from scratch.

If you just want a working project, then try posting on the "gigs and collaborations" sub-forum, but be prepared to pay for it.