Connection question in time library.

Noob question: I use this sketch, which loops once a second to get time, to target a specific HH:MM:SS time combination, and delay the loop for a long period of time (about an hour) when it's found. Is that ok, or should I "end" the connection before the delay, and start anew when the loop starts again? I ask this due to this advice given in this unrelated article about how to perform GET requests: "Finally, we call the end method http.end(). This is very important to close the TCP connection and thus free the resources." Does this apply to my code as well, or am I confusing how things work in respective codes? I tried to figure out how "configTime" function works, but wasn't able to understand. Thanks in advance.

Is that ok

No. If you needed to turn the water on, to fill a pool, for one hour, would YOU stand by the valve for an hour, so you could turn it off? Or would you decide that the water needed to be turned on at 3:15:00 and off at 4:15:00? Would you turn the water on, lay in the sun, drink beer and snooze, while the water ran, and then turn it off at the required time?