Connection to - Arduino Forum on Windows 8.1 - Internet Explorer 11

Hi boys and girls,

For those that are still having issues with opening this beloved Forum on Windows 8.x I can report that somehow out of the BLUE has come the absolute answer; OR I have found my answer as follows:

1] Open the START page (in Win 8.x) from the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
2] Click the drop down arrow to enter the page of alphabetic programs
3] There I found under 'H' the following link:
4] You can settle for clicking this every time you want to reach the forum
5] You can right click the line in the alphabetic index, then in the drop down box click "Open File Location" and proceed to this.
6] In the file location I found 2 execute files. The bottom one I saw had login information in it so I copied that by right clicking and then clicking copy.
7] I then paste this copy onto my desk-top where now I can apply one simple click and a 'bare bones' IE., is launched and within it a live 'Arduino Forum'.

Hope this is of help to those still having trouble. Apologies to all that found this weeks and weeks ago if t hat was possible.

Chris S.