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My teammates and I are working on a school project. In this project, we'll use 4 load sensors (TEM01052B). Arduino is really new for me, so I'm asking about the fact that if we can connect those sensors in 1 Arduino or 4 ?

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Please post a link to the datasheet for the sensors so we can study the details.


Ok sorry,

You can found the link for the sensor below :


There is very little information in that link (not your fault). I found this YouTube video which leads me to think that the device produces a varying voltage when it has a load on it but that the voltage range is too small to be detected by an Arduino Uno without amplification.

I am not qualified to give you any advice about instrumentation amplification or load cell usage. Assuming you do have suitable amplification there seems no reason why an Uno could not get data from 4 load cells.

The reason I mention an Uno is because the Atmega 2560 in a Mega includes amplifiers for analog inputs - but their usage is not part of the standard Arduino set of features. I think the 32U4 MCU in the Leonardo also has amplifiers.


I assume it's a strain gauge with some resistors attached to make a [u]Wheatstone bridge[/u].

I'm not an expert on these either but If there is no built-in amplifier (which I assume there is not) you'll probably need an "instrumentation amplifier". It has to be a high-gain, low-noise, amplifier so it's not something you can just "slap together". If you can buy one specifically made for this purpose at a reasonable price, that would be the way to go.

Use four load cells for a full bridge, and a HX711 breakout board. Google "Arduino HX711". Leo..