how connect w5500 lite on Arduino pro mini!
I do everything, apparently the connection is not established and I had the same problem with the Ethernet shield when I connected it separately with the wire.
Please help me

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Please read the "How to post". It is at the beginning of each sub forum. You need to help people to help you.

Post your schematic, add a picture of your system and provide datasheets for non-Arduino components. Show a short sketch that demonstrates the issue and use code tags.

Good posts tend to get more attention.

i dont have schematic and need correct of them

a) find a good Tutuorial
b) do the wiring

if it still doesn't work:
c) link the tutorial you have chosen
d) post a table where you describe which pin connects to what
e) post pictures of your setup where we can see each and every connection between the Arduino pro mini and the module
f) post the code you are using