Connector Blues

Good day,

I'm wiring up my robot (total length = 26") as I purchased a wack of different type conectors (already assembled from the manufacturer) to try and make it neat. So I have all these different type connectors...JST etc...then I noticed during a test of the ping sensor the data was all over. Distance was bouncing...terrible. Removed the connectors and changed the power, ground and signal to a single solid wire and now have smooth consistant data.
I think I'm connector challenged...
I like to make my own length as I snake around the body of the robot.
I currently use #20 and #22 solid wire.
I have sensor shield with some connector but the other end doesn't fit anything except another sensor shield.

What do others use to connect sensors to an Arduino?
Assemble different lengths.


I currently use #20 and #22 solid wire.

I would always recommend / use stranded wire for connections that are going to flex. I would only use solid wire for connections that are inside a case and are subject to no movement. Solid wire will crack when flexed too much.

As to connectors you can use what you want, if you are going to use an arduino board then in the end it has to terminate in a pin header.

Arduino is great but sometimes connecting interesting things to it can be a pain...

Take a look at:
This covers a lot of the possibilities...

See these options for going from Sensor Shield to other devices:

More possibilities here:

We Update have the 4-pin sensor shield Serial/I2C connectors to individual wires ..

I had these made for just what you're talking about.... Flakey connections are frustrating and time is spent debugging problems that "aren't really there"..

I have done what you did many times: Disconnect everything, start over, recheck all connections.

Oh Yeah: DISCLAIMER: Mentioned stuff from my own shop...

Thanks Terry for you comments.
Prices look great.