Connector identification help

I have acquired a set of wires with an interesting connector on it, from a random bag of arduino related hardware.

This connector tip appears to fit the arduino female headers but it also includes a small bump section that physically connects/locks in to a SMD through-hole connected like shown on this LCD board.

This seem super nice for prototyping but I cant seem to find them. Im probably not searching for the right keywords. Can someone please share how I can find more of these?




Those may be a variant to DuPont crimps, and you're missing the plastic part that's supposed to go with them.
The plastic latches to that notch, and using these the way you show in your 2nd. picture, is just wrong.
If you do that without soldering the wires to the board, you will get a lot of trouble due to unstable connections.

By the way, there's no such thing as "SMD through-hole", that's a contradictio in terminis.