I am looking for some good connectors for Arduino projects. They should be easy to permanent mount in a box with external female connectors to hookup things like, pir, servo etc..


If you want to go crazy overkill on connectors, try D38999 connectors.

Or use db9 and db15 connectors and arrange them so that selected pins perform specific functions - for example all pin 1 are +5volts and all pin 2 are 0volts, odd pins are inputs, even pins are outputs etc

Or binding posts if you want to plug in banana jacks, or unterminated wires. Examples:

Perhaps panel mount connectors for power source too

Thanks guys,

The D38999 looks nice. But a bit pricy to put it mildly :)

I like the dsub and banana jack options. I will put in an order ASAP. Thanks again guys!