I know this is probably the wrong place to ask but i've been looking for hours....

You know the connectors that come on servos? the 3 cables tie into a connector.... what are these called?

I'm using Cat 5 cable, since it has 8 wire's precolor coded, and splicing them, but i want to attach either 2x4 connectors to these lines to make for easy Male/Male Header insertion into breadboard or arduino... but i'm having a hard time finding what they are, and the tool to crip the wire into place....

They simply bare end servo leads and are available seperately, just the lead and plug without the servo

There was a thread a few days back on this...

Anyhow I think we decided that they were best found with the term crimp headers or similar.

Female crimp headers etc may help the search depending what site you are looking on. Some sites do sell those specific 3 connection ones but I cannot think of where off the top of my head.


A couple of links where you can buy them:


I've heard them referred to as "Berg connectors", but that's simply a manufacturer's name. You may find it helpful to search for "female header" or "female crimp header", so that you don't find all the header connectors with rows of pins.

Futaba (with polarity key), JR plugs, used in radio control

crimp housings and crimps usually...

here "2.54mm Wire-to-Board Housings"


to make for easy Male/Male Header insertion into breadboard or arduino...

That isn't what you want to plug into the arduino or breadboard, They do make male crimps and housings, but they have a shroud that will stop you inserting them into either.