ConnectYun to a network via another comp. looking 4 step by step instructions

Hello, I want to connect my Yun to a network via another computer. I cannot connect to this network via wifi, because it uses WPA2 Enterprise. I cannot connect directly to the network via ethernet, because there is some kind of security preventing "unknown" devices from communicating that I cannot change. Therefore, I feel my only hope is to connect to this network through another computer, but I do not know how to do this. Will someone please walk me through step-by-step how to configure a computer that will connect a Yun to a network through this computer via ethernet or USB? I am hoping that with this setup I could reach the Yun through any other computer on this network and that the Yun would also have access to the internet.

I found this instruction on the getting started page, but I do not know what it means:

If you want to connect the Yun directly to your computer, either configure the computer's interfaces to have a static IP address, or act as a DHCP server.

Perhaps I just need this explained further.


There lots of "how to"s out there. What operating system are you using? I've found this for setting up windows to act as a gateway

Then you should google around about how to configure linino (remember: it's just a customized openwrt, so you'll find much documentation on

Also take a look at file /etc/config/network as you should basically copy the config of the wireless interface over the wired one