Considering Gobetwino

I have a job I think may be appropriate for Arduino and Gobetwino, but am not sure. Here's what I'm thinking...I have a remote access device that, from time to time, needs to be rebooted. I could do one of a few things here, but I'm thinking I'd like to set up a secure shell to my pc and use Gobetwino to tell the Arduino to switch a relay, resetting the device.

Any thoughts? How difficult would this be?

Other option is to have Arduino "watch" an LED for a blink code. When a certain code appears, it switches the relay. This is probably easier, really, but I like the idea of Gobetwino, and it opens the door for other options as well.

GoBetwino is used to start/control applications on the PC from the Arduino, not to send data to the Arduino.

Any application on the PC that can write to the serial port could tell the Arduino to toggle the relay.

You could use GoBetwinos email function.

When ever you need to switch the relay send an email that GoBetwino reads, in the Emails bodytext have a command that GoBetwino will send to your Arduino, and have Arduino switch the relay whenever the command is recieved.

The drawback is that your Arduino must be listening for the command all the time, which might or might not be a problem. This would be a problem no matter how you send the "switch relay" info to Arduino though.

Thanks, that helps. It's hard to tell from the information on their site just how it works. Either I haven't read into it enough, or it needs some good hand-holding examples for people like me. ;)

Did you read the 35 page PDF manual an the example code manual ?

I think i covers everything you need.

I kept the examples very simple, so they show just a few basic things. Maybee a little too simple :-)