Console.print really slow


I'll explain my project and my problem: I'm seeding data from a sensor to the console, I take back the console by using PuTTy ('telnet localhost 6571) and I store those data on a .log file. Finally I plot them with matplotlib on Python.

Just a simple code to understand my problem:

#include <Bridge.h>
int pin = 1;
int value;
void setup() {

  • Bridge.begin();*
  • Console.begin();*
    void loop() {
  • value = analogRead(pin);*
  • Console.println(value);*

Problem is the Console.print is really slow, on a 5 secondsacquisition I've got ~350/380 samples, that mean like 60 samples for 1 second .print. For slow sensor it's not a problem, but for my application it's not a good deal.
Do you have tips to increase the speed of the Console.print?


60 samples/sec is normal speed for Bridge. Count tomorrow 100Gb will become popular for network interface, It is not really slow, It is deadly slow. :fearful:

100Gb with sample length is 8 bits = 107,374,182,400 samples/sec

Don't get me wrong, I personally love Bridge implementation and software team did wonderful job, but for high speed samples You need different horse.