Console printf?

Is there any console that I can use to and any code that allows me to write something to the screen. I know this is based on C so I am wondering if 'printf' would work?



Is there any console that I can use to and any code that allows me to write something to the screen.

Which Arduino do you have that has a screen?

That is what I was wondering, if there is some console and if Arduino Sketch area where you do the code has something like a printf / NSLog / writeln?

I just got the Arduino Duemilanove and set up a stepper motor and it works fine. When it finishes a set of moves I would like to print to screen DONE! If it can be done? I am pretty new to this stuff, but not C or Objective - C on the Mac platforum.


Is this the sort of thing that you are after?

That will cost you 6 IO pins. You can use the serial console included in arduino IDE, or this lcd that InvalidApple pointed out, or use a serial lcd that only costs 2 IO pins.

A new alternative I just finished designing would be a serial console that has display and keypad. Sooner or later you will want to do getchar or other things like scanf to receive numbers or texts from your user as parameters so having a keypad is necessary. Here is a link:

It’s not for sale yet but will be in a few days.

I think everyone assumes you are talking about a LCD. I read your question to mean printing to the console on a PC.

Look at Serial():

Then using the Serial Monitor in the IDE (or anything that can open a serial port) you can see whatever your sketch "prints" using Serial.print() and Serial.println(). Make sure you read how those work, they aren't drop in replacements for printf().

OP, since you have some C roots, I suggest this treatment in case you decide to use serial monitor to output info:
char msg[32];
sprintf(msg,whatever you with printf);

This is the closest thing to printf that I can think of with C. Arduino also supports stream but I'm not sure how to use it.

Thank you, that is what I was looking for. I just got started today with my Arduino Board and a stepper motor. I wanted to do some tests with it where I increment and decrement counters to see where it is. lots to learn Plus this offset to C. I wish I could write this code in Xcode 4

I am also looking for some code (which I will experiment with tonight) trying to get the stepper motors to increases and decreases in speed. Ramp up and down over a given time period.

Thanks for the Friendly and quick help!