Console Transport

I’m an audio engineer. Recently I stumbled across the ESP8266, shortly there after I had an idea about controlling a computer based recording system from my console.

The general idea:
The console is outfitted with a GPO (general purpose output) port on the back. Its really just a bunch of relays that can be triggered by any number of things on the console. My goal is to use a macro button on the console surface to trigger the relay, that in turn would supply a digital input on an arduino with 5v and once the input is high send a transport command out the ESP8266.

The Plan:

Here is a link to the information on the GPO:

Attached is a pdf of the schematic I came up with to accomplish the task.

A couple of things I’m wondering about:

  • I’m not certain if the connector I used in the drawing is male or female. Is there a way to find out? (Eagle lists it as a F37HP)
  • Will the resistors (1-4) be adequate to step the voltage down from 5v to 3v
  • Will 3v be enough for the arduino to read from the wifi module?

Any other input suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated.


GPO Interface.pdf (136 KB)