Constant input from command line with Lua

I've got a project going on that uses a constant input from data running real-time, but I don't know how to code the arduino. I have multiple servos firing in different degrees at different times, but that all needs to be coordinated by a few data inputs from a running lua script in command line. I am using Windows, Arduino Uno, trying to use Lua with the Myo armband, and servo motors. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What is the communication protocol from this mysterious project? What is Myo armband? Have you even tried to add code into your existing one?

Uh, then send serial data from Lua (consult Lua reference - you have my sympathy, it's an awful language), and see "serial input basics" thread for lots of information about how to make an Arduino respond to commands over serial.

Depending on how complex a thing you need it to do, it may by straightforward or somewhat complicated.

DrAzzy: consult Lua reference - you have my sympathy, it's an awful language

Nick seems to like it!

Link to Serial Input Basics