Constant issues using fastled

Hi, i am trying to program some lights to use as rear lights and blinkers on the bike wagon my child rides in, and im having issues with compiling.

Seems like issues with how i use the fastled library.

Here is my code:

And here is what im getting when i try to compile:

Anyone have an idea?

Worth noting is that i've just moved and havent gotten my pc up and running so i'm using ArduinoDroid on my phone for this. The example sketches from fastled library is working fine.

Also, i am pretty crappy at coding, so take pity on what i've wrote.


Please post your code and your error messages here. Many folks will not follow links


You must use 2 separate arrays for your left and right leds

CRGB leds_left[NUM_LEDS];
CRGB leds_right[NUM_LEDS];
FastLED.addLeds<NEOPIXEL, LED_LEFT>(leds_left, NUM_LEDS);
FastLED.addLeds<NEOPIXEL, LED_RIGHT>(leds_right, NUM_LEDS);

Or :

CRGB leds[2][NUM_LEDS];
FastLED.addLeds<NEOPIXEL, LED_LEFT>(leds[0], NUM_LEDS);
FastLED.addLeds<NEOPIXEL, LED_RIGHT>(leds[1], NUM_LEDS);

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