Constructing a Nerf 5 target practice game using a NANO.


I’m new at this Arduino programming business. I would like help in programming a similar project as from the following link, with the addition of a timer that will show how long it took to hit all of the 5 targets on an LCD display. I will also add some kind of a sensor to detect a hit on the target and foot switch to start the game. I will appreciate any help with this project as my 2 sons are eager to start constructing this game.


Where is the code that you are trying? I am sure that if you purchased the parts that there was some example code to get you started. I highly doubt that someone is willing to write a program for you free. But if you were trying to learn but were stumped with an issue where you had a specific question that someone here would be more than willing to help.

I purchase a lot of my servos from HobbyKing.

These are my top three servos.

Standard size metal gear (seems like a good fit for this project).

Smaller HXT900 servos. These have a full 180 degree of motion.

Bigger servos. I have several of these but I haven’t really used them enough to know how well they work. The gears are plastic but it seems pretty strong.

I’ve purchased foot switches from a couple times. You can also find foot switches on ebay.

Learn to control each component on its own and then work on getting the parts to work together.