Constructing a (small) motion-activated door for mobile robot. Wanna help?

Hey all. I’m self-educating on various electronics disciplines, and a project I’d like to take on is to build a little motion-activated door that retracts when my mobile bot approaches it.

This project involves some software and some hardware, and my skill levels are a tad short of 100% for both of them. :slight_smile: This means it would be awesome to connect with someone who may want to focus on the coding side of things, and/or someone who’s into the hardware aspects (constructing the door and mechanisms and putting it all together).

Open to ideas! Thanks!

You should mention your location I think!

How do you want to power this.
How should the door operate, Star Trek sliding , garage up and over or just a simple vertical swing hings.
How do you want it triggered, beam break, ultra sonic distance, RFID NFR or something else.
How big is the robot and thus the aperture of the door.
How much to you want to pay for this both in therms of materials and development costs.

Answer a few of these and I for one may be interested in helping you.

Take a look at my website for examples of my other work and feel free to drop me a PM here or an email to my email address.

Cheers Pete.