Construction of a sensor probe (Hall effect sensor)

Hi Everyone,

I have wired up and programmed a linear hall sensor (it can be found on the A1324, A1325, and A1326 datasgeet; it is the UA suffix "type"). What I now want to do is convert it into a probe (a sensor probe akin to a "wand", for want of a better phrase). This is my first time attempting this, and I am not really sure how to go about it. I have seen heat shrinkable probe covers, but they seem somewhat uncommon and I do not know if that is the best way to process. I do not have exact measurements to adhere to, perhaps something in the range of 20 cm in length. The wires can extend out from the probe, and I can mount the microcontroller in a small electric box. It's the probe itself that I am concerned with here. What can I mount the sensor on? What should I use to provide a covering?

Apologies if I have neglected some important information, Any guidance would be much appreciated.