construction of an inverter with real time monitoring system

Hi everyone. Am constucting a 1kva inverter with realtime monitoring system. I want to ask if i can use an arduino ethernet shield to achive the monitoring capability i:e being able to monitor the inverter system over the internet. I also want to know if its possible to inteface the ether net shield with the inverter system. Thanks.

Is there an interface to the inverter, eg: RS232 ? If not, it’s still a viable project to monitor the batteries and AC output via an Arduino & ethernet interface. Making it accessible over the internet is a matter of assigning it a static IP address or dynamic one via DHCP.

No you can't use the e-net shield!.

You can however use the Arduino (with suitable hardware) to monitor the thingy and then transmit the results via the e-net shield or the serial monitor or WiFi or the ....