construction of fire fighting robot

i am doing a project on fire fighting robot
for that i want to attach to main function together .first rc car and second fire detection and extinguisher starting part
my total weight of the project will be 7-8 kg and 30cm*30cm dimension
for starting this car i have few question
caterpillar track or 4W car?
servo motor or stepper motor for car?
number of motor 2 or 4 ?
differential steering or skid steering?

for fire fighting i thought of attaching flame and temperature sensor and other sensor for detection and magnetic actuator for starting the extinguisher.i will be using servo motor for movement of tank nozzle(basically kitchen extinguisher)
i want it to be remotely controlled

should i go for seperate arduino board for navigation and extinguisher
i cant use shield so i have to use uno or mega boards only

i want it to be remotely controlled

Use R/C gear - it's what it is designed for.

Also, do a search. It's not a unique project, and that way you might get a feel for what others have tried and what is feasible.

for remote access will this do SI4432 Wireless Module 1000 Meters Long Distance 240-960mhz

and want to control via android phone.will it do. i cant use shields.can i join it to uno itself

for remote access will this do

No. That TEXT will be absolutely worthless.

and want to control via android phone.will it do.

You will have to determine that, or provide a link.

Something like this is going to be a project in my family before too long. My son’s a fire-fighter / EMT / water rescue tech and a grad of the UK’s Institution of Fire Engineers; daughter is second year undergrad mechatronics. I see some synergy there sometime soon… (I’ll do the difficult stuff like marketing :slight_smile: )

well i have made the bot with fire extinguisher mounted on the 4w car .i have been using 2 dc motor to drive the car and one servo to lift the extinguisher (still working on pressure on top for spray .i want to control my bot with an android phone .i have bought an esp 12 wifi module .i am stuck here.can somebody give circuit diagram of controlling arduino with esp12.