Consulta LED Matrix 8x8

Buenas, soy nuevo por aqui, y tengo una duda sobre las matrices de leds. ¿Es posible encender todos los leds de una matriz a la vez, o en realidad, los leds van cambiando rápidamente para producir este efecto? En caso de poder, ¿Se podría hacer sin necesidad del chip de control? Es mas, ¿Se podria conseguir sin ni siquiera usar un arduino, simplemente conectando a masa o 5v las diferentes patillas de la matriz? Gracias de antemano y un saludo! :smiley:

Good, I'm new here, and I have a question about the matrices of LEDs. Is it possible to switch on all the leds in one matrix at a time, or are the leds changing rapidly to produce this effect? In case of power, could it be done without the control chip? It is more, could be obtained without even using an arduino, simply connecting to ground or 5v the different pins of the matrix? Thanks in advance and greetings! : D

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The LED matrix can not have all the leds turned on at once, they are scanned to look like they are, generally using port pins or with a led matrix chip such as the MAX 7219, quite a simple chip to use, here's the data sheet

you could connect all the anodes to a positive supply through resistors and all the cathodes to ground, that would light them all up if that's what you are after. WARNING make sure you calculate the correct resistor value depending on your displays spec.

Hope this helps

Hope this helps